Indic Script Primer

About ISP

The Indic Script Primer is an interactive visual-feature based learning tool for multiple Indian scripts. The tool provides a perceptive and user-friendly Analogy method to learn any Indian script on the basis of your existing knowledge of another script. This platform is primarily meant as an educational and search aid, for students, type designers and multilingual Indians who would be interested in learning multiple scripts.

This project was selected for an International Typography conference held in Amman, Jordan (Feb-Mar. 2020) 

​  My role

  • Research

  • Ideation 

  • User Experience

  • User Interface 

  • Prototyping 

  • Animating


While learning multiple languages is fun and fascination for many,  it is also a basic need of communication for some to live in culturally diverse countries like India. 22 official languages with over 1000 of dialects are spoken in present India and most of them are written in different writing systems. Hence, learning just verbal languages is not enough to be a multilingual in this country. To focus more on this concern, as a part of my project, I have been researching on the topic, Exploring intuitive, feasible & fundamental methods of learning multiple Indic scripts through Analogy and visual grammar of the letterforms. The project comprises of an introduction to the digital platform for learning one script from the other.


To start with the primary research, calligraphic letterforms were drawn to observe and study the stroke mannerism as well as the shape similarities of each letter in nine different scripts.

Sketching user journey and rough wireframe

once I had the clear understanding of each letter in nine different scripts, as a next step I started developing the user flow of the digital platform along with a low fidelity wireframe. Doing a rough sketch of the wireframe modules allows me to understand what and how many varieties I need to design.


Designing web pages

One of the last steps of this phase was to design the website pages. The process was built up from ideation to develop using every element and knowledge we gathered and learned throughout.



Learning a new Indian script is made easier through ISP by selecting a combination of any two scripts of your choice to compare the visual form and stroke similarity. As we always learn one language through another, similarly a method of Analogy to learn one script form another is not limited to only Indic scripts but could also be used to another set of scripts which has common origin.

Exhibition & Publication

This project was selected for an International Typography conference held in Amman, Jordan (Feb-Mar. 2020)  &

Exhibited in Lethaby Gallery at King's Cross, London  (Jun. 2019)


Research paper

Full research paper on 'Indic Script Primer' can be viewed here