About the client

Shraddha Naibagkar is a professional makeup artist based in Mumbai, India. “Natori” is a local Indian word for chic, classy, stylish girl. Through her brand ‘Be Natori’ she provides all kind of makeup services viz. Bridal, Glamour, Beauty, Prosthetic, Film and television etc. 


During the global pandemic-2020, all business are facing economic crisis, especially the small startups. To overcome this issue, BeNatori has decided to take their business one step further by going digital. Till now the artist used to take orders informally. However, by creating the Website, the aim is to promote their business, reach out to larger audience and launch professional makeup brand.

benatori 1-07.png

My role

  • User Experience

  • User Interface

  • Branding and Identity

  • Social Media

User flow & wireframe

After understanding the project's aim, requirements, features, researched data, and timeline to determine the direction or our best course of action the next step was to create a user flow and rough wireframe. Designing the wireframe allows me to focus on the basic structure of the site without the distraction of the aesthetic elements.


Designing Webpages

After sketching the wireframe modules, it made it easier for me to get a clear picture of what I need to design digitally. Doing so, I was able to quickly design the web pages by reusing the modules in different sections of the page based on their content.